About us

Smorgon optical machine-tool plant was established on the basis of the branch of Minsk optical-mechanical plant. S. I. Vavilova in April 1972 as part of the Research and production Association "Optics", Moscow.

In September 2014 JSC "Smorgon optical machine tool plant" became a part of the holding "Metz im.V. I. Kozlov".

The main objective of the enterprise is dynamic development along with continuous improvement of quality of the products satisfying all inquiries of consumers.

JSC "Smorgon optical machine tool plant" is a team of professionals in the machine tool industry, the largest manufacturer of technological equipment for the manufacture of optical parts in the CIS.

The plant produces the entire range of traditional equipment for the manufacture of optical parts with a diameter of 2 to 2000 mm: blank, grinding, polishing and polishing and finishing machines, machines for double-sided processing, centering machines; performs repair and modernization of equipment. The model range of optical processing equipment includes more than 60 models of machines.

Scientific production unitary enterprise "VALSTS", part of OJSC "Smorgon optical machine-tool building plant" produces a vacuum installation for deposition of multilayer functional coatings on optical components, and various modifying coatings on parts made of various materials.

The company performs work on the orders of consumers, provides services to individuals and legal entities in the field of vacuum spraying technologies, modernization and repair of any vacuum installations. The company is ready to offer the development and manufacture of not only vacuum equipment, but also its individual components: ion sources, magnetrons, arc evaporators, electron beam evaporators, etc.

In the production of equipment used modern imported components (made in the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan).

All equipment produced by the plant complies with the technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union, there is a certificate of compliance with EU standards.

The plant is gradually increasing its capacity. And although once the company had more than 5,000 employees working in three shifts, and today the plant employs about 300 people, the company is steadily moving forward. Technical re-equipment of production is being carried out,the geography of supplies is expanding.

Production of the enterprise is known in many countries of the FSU and beyond. The main consumers of production of the enterprise are the companies of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. In addition, in recent years, the company has supplied its products to the CIS countries, the European Union, Central and South-East Asia.

Only in our factory you can buy original optical processing machines, spare parts and tooling for them.

Only in our factory you can order a quality factory overhaul and modernization of equipment.

Only in our factory you get a warranty on the equipment for 18 months.

Along with the specialized technological equipment for diversification of production the enterprise mastered and put on production a number of new products.

Participating in the National programs for technical re-equipment of agricultural enterprises, the plant has mastered the production of air heaters with a capacity of 800 kW on local fuels used both in grain drying complexes and for heating production facilities.

Mastered the production of towed sweeper, sweepers MP-101 that are similar to Swedish cars "Broadway Senior".

Since 2013, the company has been producing underground containers for garbage, which are in demand at the house-building plants of the Republic, as well as block containers insulated to accommodate complete transformer substations.

The list of services provided by the company includes:

- services for the manufacture of mirrors, glass products;

- galvanic coating services for products;

- services for the application of protective and decorative coatings on metal dentures;

- vehicle repair services,

- services for the production of components and parts in mechanical engineering according to Customer's drawings;

- metal machining services (milling, drilling, turning, boring, grinding, etc.).

Advantages of cooperation with us:

- we adhere to high standards of service and guarantee an individual approach to each client;

- provide warranty and post-warranty service;

- provide the ability to manufacture equipment for individual orders;

- for customers aimed at long-term cooperation, developed and operate special benefits, flexible discount schemes, special sales conditions.

We will be glad to see you among our customers and partners!